Monday, March 15, 2010

Being inspired doesnt need boys all the time

yea, wat u’ve read is indeed true.

last sunday, i just had a quick reunion with Alagon Clan (my dad’s side) and a part of me have urged me to work harder for myself and for my family..

i mean part of me had been spent pitying my dad’s life bcuz he wasnt able to grab good opportunities when he was younger.. he has no job ryt now and we’re near to being so poor. hmp. compared to his cousins, revealing successes all the way with an abundant life.. having cars and well-organized properties and assets all over, while us?


the other part of me felt so down.

even if they (my 2nd degree titas and tito) doesnt say a word, yet i feel prejudice. i think they are not well-convinced that my course is the right thing for me to pursue to get our feet out of poverty..

and the other part of me is challenged. motivating myself that i dont need their affirmation to be successful to the course i have been into.

i do believe that i could prove to everyone that my course had been the right thing for me.

yea, perhaps.. its a defense mechanism for me not to losen my self-esteem..

got to pretend that i dont mind..

pero di nga, i’m happy really that we have this reunion thing..

mahilig pa naman talaga ako sa socialization, and its quite fulfilling to see successful relatives..

it inspires me to do and work more out of the life God gave me..

that i have still to exert effort..


and i guess this is it..

before i totally forget the experience, at least i have written an account for it..


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