Monday, March 15, 2010

Once there was "SOMEONE"

Hi there SOMEONE!

How are you?

know what? i’ve been waiting for this moment where we could finally talk.. where i could finally blurt my heart out.

i dont know how to start but here it goes, i’ll try to make it slow..

i’m sorry..

i know this sorry isn’t enough to ease the hurt i’ve caused u (or is there really a pain i’ve caused you?)

i don’t know really what have you felt that time coz we havent had a chance to talk..right?

but if i there is, i’m really sorry..

it’s just that that time, i’ve been oh-so-blinded by someone that i havent even got the time to anticipate for your needs.

i did not even gave LOVE a chance..

and instead of me, knowing you deeper, i never really had the time and motivation to do it.. sorry.

i’ve been stuck up with this so badly that i needed to pour it out.

i got lots of question and reaction that i wanted to hear from you.

the ignorance and the silence kills me..

could you please let me know about how you felt?

could you?

so that i may know whether i’m suppose to tell you this i’ve been feeling lately.

yea, i must confess.

this past few months since we first met from the moment we fell apart,

i think i’ve been wanting to have a second chance for an “US”..

but i’m uncertain, because i know it had created a “NO” for an answer for everything i’ve done.

NO bcuz

you might have the fear to get hurt again..

or it’s just that you have never loved me that’s why there’s no more “2nd chance”

or you might not feeling the same way because you already have moved on and found somebody better..

i don’t know.. that’s why we need to talk..

..that’s why i’m asking you.

you know, this is the hardest thing to do on earth right now..

to regain what was lost..

i don’t know how to give an assurance that i’m ALREADY here for u and I WONT HURT U ANYMORE..

i dont know,

and another thing is..

it’s giving me the feeling of assuming too much that i’m still the one who holds the key to your heart..

e kasi naman e! u won’t even talk about it!

i’m clueless!

and para lang akong nagmomoNologue..


hope there could be an easier way to do this!


believe me,

even if it hurts to hear the answers, i still want to hear a word from you.


Sincerely and pathetically here,


*an old excerpt of my plead. haha March 3, 2009

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