Monday, March 15, 2010

Taking Account of Wellness

im back..

but the difference is im better now..

im not that cynical and pessimistic ryt now

and i guess i have to keep in touch with this attitude..

i no longer want to burden my mind and HEART with undesirable things that’s not even worth of me..

am i right and am i right? haha

and i am now on the process of polishing my path towards my future career..

i guess i need to focus to things that’s worth of my value.. bcuz i’m not good in multi-tasking..LOL

and perhaps i have to keep on waiting..still.. for my knight in shining armor.. i still believe..

i would love to meet my SPECIAL angel on the right time..

not in this situation that even i is not stable and sure with..

A great reward comes to those who wait and i want to be one of those who will be receiving the best reward..

Thank God He helped me realize things..

sigh! now that valentines day is fast approaching, i need not to be pressured but enjoy my “singleness” instead..


i’m happy now.Ü

(and i hope they’d see this..haha)

*Feb. 5,2009 from my friendster blog*

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