Monday, March 15, 2010

Missing NEMO?


i’m gonna be insane nito..

this is it.

i just posted how unstable xeena is now..emotionally.

things dont get on their way already..

it’s turning into mess.

as of now i’m finding the missing xeena.

uncertain i am, but maybe its not just Xeena that i’m lookin for..

i’m also in search of her missing piece..

and that i still have to discover..

she also said that

even she could not determine what she’s lookin for..swear.

i think she’s kinda down-hearted for shallow reasons..

being off for two years seem strange and she’s startin to feel uneasy..

there were guys who have been wrong for some time that attempt to catch her heart but she was displeased with them..

could somebody made her realizze her worth and could relive her heart again?

could you?

next thing she’s a bit confused with is that she don’t know how to mantain her relationship wit’ God..

She may seem near to Him yet so far actually..

could somebody help her..?

ironic it may seem bcuz she’s a Psych major but i hope, i mean we hope that before it gets too late for abything..

before she gets unattractive, and old,

i hope she'll find what she’s lookin for..

*this is a Feb.2,2009 old post of mine..haha

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