Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A doze of Silence kills

It has been long since i kept mum about a certain issue wherein i was involved and yet i chose not to say anything about it.

I just kept on absorbing statements that even if it messes up my individuality a lot, i refuse to confront the person who has actually said it.

and now, i am in a dilemma wherein i am really confused whether being silent about the issue helps.. because as i can see, it just worsens the issue.. a lot.

It's like i'm letting my foe get over the game and let her get a win win win battle.

I'm confused.

I am trying my best to make a move wherein I can assure God that He'd be glorified..
but it's hard. Really hard to pretend that as if i'm not being affected by the issue. That vengeance is His not mine..

It's also oh so tempting to realize that I can really do something and fight back with my own flesh if I would just want it badly but I can't because I have to stick to the character God wants me to be.

and what's more sorrowful than to know that you are telling the truth yet no one would seem to believe because others continue to put words in your mouth and persecute me even if I already chose to cease fire and raise the white flag.

I don't know until when would i suffer this loss of freedom over my (other) friends and let the foe rejoice just because of preventing them (other friends) from being involved..

I don't even know what tomorrow holds, what LIES would be fabricated again..
but 1 thing I'm sure of.. God is my refuge, He knows my stand..

Sooner I guess (and that i don't even know how soon it will be) but i know truth shall prevail.

In a crowd of LIARS, the truth shall set the innocent free..


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