Monday, March 15, 2010

a dream of "HIM"

it was just 14 hours ago, to be precise, that i have almost forgotten to wake up..

haha, i really had the best dream ever!!

you know what it was?

it was a dream of a “him”..

yea! a HIM bcuz i really dont know who he was or whether i have already met him wayback on the past or what..

all i know is that he is composed of a physique of a man, a bit taller than me, fair-complexioned guy..

oh my! and do u know what really made me feel good there was the thought that he himself find his way to find me..

oh diba? ang haba ng hair ko.. haha

fulfilling ang feeling na u have been found by someone..

romantically sweet.. az in.

and u know what the scenario was? when he saw me, i cant help myself but hug him and cry..

oh my.. hahai,

how i wish sumbody out there is still making the business of finding me..

and how i wish he wud not be too late to find me..

..coz i’m waitin..

Di ko pa man xa nakikita (perhaps) but i know i’d love him..

Take care of yourself my “HIM”..

Love yea.(^-^)

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