Sunday, March 14, 2010

what LIES ahead..

I am in a mood wherein random thoughts are crossing the highways of my mind.. swear!

It's something that incorporates friendship and trust. (Sigh)

It's just so sad to realize that no one is to be trusted nowadays.. that we are living in a world filled with deceits and discrepancies.
The people whom you thought worth-trusting are the ones who'll be the first in the list to betray you and stab you at the back.

It's something that seems to be so natural and indeed becoming a trend in our society to world..
- to deceive others.

I hate to admit it, but.. i could hardly say that i have mastered the art of spotting a LIAR already. I've been studying it for such a long time ago and sad to say that until now i haven't even had the half of the whole chapter.

Sometimes, It's driving me crazy of which among my senses should I use just to realize that what i am into is such a big LIE.

Should it be that I use my intuitions wherein my feeling about the matter shall matter?
or would it be my cognition wherein logic is followed and is involved?

It's confusing, deceiving, intoxicating. And I hate being in a dilemma such as this. It chokes me up. I mean I still could not figure out why the hell would people have to lie and pretend! Urgh.

*an excerpt from my diary last March 13, 2010 (while waiting for our Psych Night to start)

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